Brutal/beautiful — four days in Berlin


Back in January (before this blog existed) I spent a few days in one of my favourite cities. We stayed in a cute apartment in the hip Prenzlauer Berg district, just north of the city centre, in what used to be East Berlin.

It was brutally cold, but a constant supply of Wurst and amazing flea-markets easily kept us distracted from the freezing temperature.

We discovered a lost British telephone box on the shore of Lake Tegel, explored a deserted Russian Orthodox Cemetery… and took a lot of photos…

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2 Comments on “Brutal/beautiful — four days in Berlin”

  • Thank you for this. It made me homesick for the semester that I spent in Budapest — in a good way.

  • Cheers Ian. I’ve never been to Budapest so I’ll have to take your word for it :)


James Greig

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