Iva Jean: 21st Century Cycle Chic

Iva Jean Reveal Skirt

Tailored cycling apparel for guys is not thin on the ground of late, but not so for the girls. A new brand from Seattle is changing that — Iva Jean are on a mission to make cycling both easier and more stylish for women.

Inspired by a trip to Europe, founder and designer Ann DeOtte has created a contemporary brand which puts cycle chic firmly in the present.

Their Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to expand their range to include a sleek water-resistant skirt and (almost space-age looking) breathable blouse. If you need something to keep you dry through the winter, they have a hooded rain cape already available in their store.

  • Andy

    There’s an interesting description of the early days of women cycling in the Bicycle Book by Bella Bathurst. The pain and discomfort that women had to go through in the Victorian era is quite something.

    Good to see some cycling clothes for women that aren’t all baby blue or pink which is my girlfriends usual complaint from women specific products.

  • cycler

    Speaking as a woman who daily bikes in skirts, I have almost eliminated pencil skirts from my wardrobe because they are difficult to bike in, despite MCA’s pooh poohing. Perhaps he’s never tried it? Heck, some pencil skirts are difficult to walk in.

    The blouse doesn’t see that unusual, but the skirt seems like a nice option for women who want the tailored look of a pencil skirt, but the freedom to move their legs freely on the bike.


James Greig

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