14 Jan 2013

Brick Lane Bikes join forces with H&M to create an urban cycling collection

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Brick Lane Bikes join forces with H&M to create an urban cycling collection | CycleLove



James Greig

I’m a bit slow off the mark on this story, but it’s too significant for me to ignore, as it’s not often a London bike store joins forces with a major player in high-street fashion.

Brick Lane Bikes, perhaps the mecca of fixed-gear London, have teamed up with Swedish super-brand H&M to create a new menswear collection for urban cyclists.

The collection, inspired by both vintage pieces and sports performance, will land in stores on the 7th March. As a person who likes to ride in normal clothes whenever possible, I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve come up with…


  • Ellie

    And just like Levi’s, nothing for women *grumble*

    • http://twitter.com/discerningcyc Discerning Cyclist

      Hey Ellie,

      Have you seen Velovixen? http://velovixen.com/ They sell Union34 stuff which is quite nice. There’s also http://www.minx-girl.com/ and got shown this site over the weekend – http://urbanlegend.cc/

      Hopefully something there until H&M get their shit in order :D



      • Ellie

        But what about girls with taste that resent everything aimed at them being so feminine? Vixen? Minx? Totally alienating. Why does it have to be separated out? There’s little cool, aspirational cycling clothing for women . It’s all flowers and pastels and pretty patronising, I’d say. I’d just like to not have to buy boys things in tiny sizes that looks totally misshaped on me. That being said, that Urban Legend stuff looks pretty delicious. Thanks for the tip, Ste!

        • http://twitter.com/discerningcyc Discerning Cyclist

          Hi Ellie,

          At least I got one in there you liked :)

          It’s pretty interesting what you’ve said about VeloVixen & Minx Girl and I totally understand why should you have to adapt clothes not designed for women.

          Out of interest what styles would you like to see in cycling clothes? I always wondered why popular non-cycling clothing styles aren’t adapted for bike wear more.


        • http://twitter.com/discerningcyc Discerning Cyclist

          I also really like these but getting hold of them may be an issue – http://tomboystyle.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/uniform-outlier-riding-pants.html

        • http://twitter.com/HappyStupidTalk SuperSandwichSquad

          Apparently woman have to look pretty on bikes too. Never mind that it’s a means of transport (not exactly a pretty one in winter) you still gotta look good! I understand if it was aimed at (for lack of a better term) the masses; what I don’t understand is these are pretty focused companies i.e cycling, and they should know their target market. e.g woman that USE their bikes. So as opposed to some hell awful design (fluffy Reflective jacket anyone?), some proper thought should go into the product regardless of gender stereotypes. Two pennies and all.

    • http://www.cyclelove.net/ CycleLove

      I guess it’s just economics of scale… the market is not as big… or perceived to be as big, for women.

      Wonder how long it will be before the likes of Topshop get in on the act?

      In the meantime, there are still some interesting startups creating designer bike apparel for women, eg http://ivajean.com/

  • Joe Sheffer

    Talk about selling out to the man…

  • Laura

    Is the founder of Brick Lane Bikes a woman?

    It would be nice if companies as big as this created a female range, as I think it would really help promote cycling to women. Cycling is definitely not all about the image, but it certainly helps to have a stylish and practical range of cycle gear- male or female.